Skerries Coast Guard

***Recruitment now open*** – 10th February 2024

We are currently recruiting for a small number of new members to join our team at Skerries Coast Guard. Our recruitment window will close on 10th March 2024. Visit our dedicated Recruitment Page for more information on how to apply.

Skerries Coast Guard is a voluntary coastal rescue unit of the Irish Coast Guard (IRCG), one of the four State emergency services. The unit’s station house is located at Red Island lane in Skerries. Its members are trained local volunteers on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, who give their time freely to the Irish Coast Guard, local communities and those in peril on the sea, cliffs and coasts of Ireland.

The response area covered by the Skerries team stretches from Laytown, Co Meath southwards to Malahide, Co Dublin. This amounts to some 40 miles of varied shoreline, including river estuaries and offshore islands.

Habitual tasks undertaken by the Skerries Coast Guard team include:

  • Rescue of persons close inshore and in tidal waters
  • Searching for missing persons
  • Providing first aid treatment to casualties and assisting with their safe evacuation
  • Acting as on scene coordinator during an incident
  • Preparing and controlling helicopter landing sites
  • Providing communication links for other emergency services
  • Assisting other emergency services (Ambulance/Garda/Fire brigade) to respond to an incident
  • Investigating pollution reports on the shoreline
  • Promoting an awareness of water safety.