Operational equipment

All of the Skerries Coast Guard volunteers are kitted out with operational search and rescue equipment while responding to incidents or engaged in training exercises.

Personal Operational Equipment

This includes outer hi-viz orange & black jackets and black trousers. Rank markings are displayed on the front of the jacket. Rank markings are denoted as follows: one stripe (for team members), two stripes (for Deputy Officer in Charge) and three stripes (for Officer in Charge).Skerries Irish Coast Guard PPE

General Operational Equipment

On a typical incident this equipment includes:

  • White helmet with LED light (Red helmet denotes Officer in Charge)
  • Utility belt with personalised kit
  • 275Newton automatic lifejacket
  • Personal LED searchlight
  • Portable marine VHF radio

In addition, each search team will also carry with them:

  • Emergency medical kit
  • 20 metre rescue rapid throw lines
  • Long range binoculars
  • Powerful LED searchlight (1,600 ft range)
  • White parachute illumination flares

 For details of the Coast Guard’s formal and working unifroms, please visit our uniform page.