Team Training

The Skerries Coast Guard team undertake scheduled training on a weekly basis. This could take the form of skills training in the team’s station or out on location in our area of coverage.  All volunteers are trained and continually assessed in key search and rescue skills, including:

  • 4WD offroad driving
  • advanced emergency first aid
  • marine radio (VHF) and Tetra communications
  • at-sea search techniques & search planning
  • land based search techniques & search operations planning
  • knots and rope techniques
  • use of pyrotechnics
  • night search techniques
  • rescue operations involving helicopters
  • map reading and marine chart navigation
  • joint training with other Coast Guard teams and emergency service units

Skerries Coast Guard Smoke flare Red IslandSkerries Coast Guard member oversees deployment of Orange smoke flare to assist with the landing of the Coast Guard helicopter at Red Island, Skerries