Oxygen awareness training

This evening, the Skerries Coast Guard team took part in oxygen awareness training. This interactive session centred on the use of oxygen in pre-hospital medical and trauma emergencies. Oxygen is one of the most commonly used medications in the pre-hospital emergency care environment.

The training session included an explanation of the different types of oxygen cylinders available and the important safety considerations with their use. The team took part in a practical instruction in the use of the common white CD portable oxygen cylinder, which holds up to 460L of compressed oxygen.

The brief also covered the range of oxygen delivery devices used in the pre-hospital emergency care environment, including; non rebreather mask, venturi mask, nebuliser mask, nasal cannula, and the bag valve mask (BVM). The appropriate flow rates for each mask was also discussed along with the resulting oxygen % delivery.

The team explored the vast range of pre-hospital emergency scenarios where oxygen is used and the special considerations required for COPD (Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease) casualties.  The team also received a practical demonstration on the typical oxygen saturation (SpO2) measuring devices used in pre-hospital care, and their associated limitations.

Overall, the evening proved extremely informative and emphasised the importance of awareness of the use of this vital component of pre-hospital emergency care management.  


First aid training – Diabetic emergencies

This evening, members of the Skerries Coast Guard team took part in routine first aid training. The focus for the evening was on first aid treatment for diabetic emergencies – specifically hypo/hyperglycaemic emergencies. The training commenced with an introduction to the condition, from the point of view of the diabetic themselves and included a practical demonstration of the medications and control devices commonly used.

A hands on use of the blood glucose monitoring devices was also covered.

The training also included a demonstration of the Glucagon IM kit (commonly referred to as the “hypo kit”), used by Paramedics to attempt to reverse a hypoglycaemic coma.

Overall, this training proved very useful and informative, building the team’s awareness of diabetes and the critical emergencies that can occur to those with the condition.


First aid recertification completed

Today, several members of the Skerries Coast Guard team successfully completed their first aid recertification. This PHECC accredited recertification was carried out for the first time in conjunction with the Civil Defence training college. Key topics assessed in the recertification included casualty assessment and monitoring, treatment of trauma and medical emergencies, environmental related emergencies, treatment of burn injuries, and handover techniques. This first aid training represents one of the core search and rescue skills held by the Skerries Coast Guard team. 


First aid training

Earlier tonight the Skerries Coast Guard team conducted a scenario based training exercise on Red Island in Skerries. The training scenario involved Coast Guard volunteers assessing, stabilising and moving a casualty, conducting scene management and VHF communication.

Scene Management

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