St Patrick’s Day Parade 2013

This afternoon the Skerries Coast Guard team took part in the town’s St Patrick’s day parade. Hundreds of members of the public braved the cold and overcast weather to line the streets and show their support for the various groups, clubs, organisations etc that marched and danced their way along the parade route.

Parade 2013

Unfortunately, the Coast Guard helicopter could not complete its annual flyover of the parade. The helicopter was tasked in the early afternoon to rescue two persons in difficulty at Greystones.

More photos of the parade are available in our online photo gallery.

St Patricks day parade 2012

This year members of the Skerries Coast Guard marched in their local St Patrick’s day parade in Skerries.  The team’s 4WD Coast Guard emergency vehicle also took part, with its sirens and blue lights adding some excitment to the event.The weather proved fortunate, with the rain showers clearing before the parade began. As always, the crowds lining the parade route through the town were cheering and encouraging the team on.

The Dublin based Coast Guard helicopter, Rescue 116, also dropped by, providing a dramatic aerobatical display as the parade began.

Remember – if you spot someone in difficulty at sea or along the coast, even if you only think they could be in difficulty, dial 999 or 112 and ask for the COAST GUARD. Your call could save their life.


St Patrick’s day parade Skerries 2009

Once again, the Skerries Coast Guard volunteers marched in the local St Patrick’s day parade. The excellent weather brought out huge crowds who gathered on the main street to cheer all the entrants on their way.


The Coast Guard helicopter, EI-MES, also dropped by and performed a dramatic flyover along the main street.