Report of swimmer in difficulty, South Strand, Skerries – 20th June 2013

Shortly before 08:00 this morning, the Coast Guard received a 999 call from a concerned member of the public at the South Strand, Skerries. The caller had spotted an adult swimmer in the water who appeared to be making little progress and may require assistance.

The Skerries Coast Guard team were on minutes and observed the swimmer, who now appeared to be making good headway and a small private boat was now nearby in the water. The team concluded the swimmer, who was wearing a wetsuit, was ok and was likely taking a break when spotted. No further action was required and the team were stood down.

Incident # 09 of 2013

After departing the scene, one of the now off duty Skerries Coast Guard team was at another section of the beach and heard desperate cries for help. Another swimmer in the water, only several metres from the shore, was in considerable pain and incapacitated due to sudden severe cramp. The member rushed into the water, along with a member of the public and retrieved the swimmer to safety on the beach.

We would urge members of the public to be extremely vigilant and if you spot someone who could be in difficulty in the water to dial 999 or 112 and ask for the COAST GUARD. Your call could save their life.

Report of Jetskis at South Strand, Skerries – 4th July 2010


 After successfully responding to two incidents earlier today, the Skerries team were tasked to investigate reports of high speed Jetskis in the bathing area of the South Strand, Skerries.  On arriving at the scene, the Skerries team observed two jetskis operating at high speed close to the shoreline. The jetskis appeared to be manoeuvring at high speed between swimmers in the water. The Skerries Coast Guard team, together with the beach lifeguards on duty, called the two jetski drivers to the shore. Both were briefed on the appropriate use of jetskis and were instructed to move to the designated area so as not to endanger the swimmers. Both drivers duly complied.

Skerries Coast Guard would remind members of the public to be familiar with the legal requirements for operating jetskis. In particular, the Fingal County Council bye-laws and the Merchant Shipping (Pleasure Craft) (Lifejackets and Operation) Regulations 2004.

Incident #15 of 2010