Land search training at Ardgillan

This morning, the Skerries Coast Guard team took part in a large scale missing person search exercise in the vast grounds of Ardgillan Demesne, 3 miles North of Skerries. The exercise was centred on the scenario of two persons reported missing in the park, with several hours passed since they were last sighted.

The various search teams were briefed and dispatched to search the large area of mixed woodlands and grasslands, each dissected by various tracks and trails.

The exercise proved very beneficial and the search teams successfully located their various clues and targets. The training scenario then moved on to cover emergency medical treatment of the “casualties”, stretcher extraction from the dense woodland and preparation of a helicopter landing site on nearby grassland.

The Skerries team have previously assisted Gardai with several missing person searches involving woodland and grassland areas and this exercise proved a useful opportunity of testing and refreshing the skills involved.

Photos of this exercise are available in our online gallery.

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Skerries Coast Guard – a voluntary rescue unit of the Irish Coast Guard.