Search Training at Rush – 21 January 2017

The Skerries Coast Guard team conducted a search training exercise in the area of Rush today. The clear skies resulted in a cold start to the morning with frost underfoot on exposed grasslands. A number of search teams were deployed as part of an initial search response for a missing person scenario. The exercise progressed well and was successfully completed.

Skerries Coast Guard vehicle 4

Training Exercise at Rush North Beach – 9th October 2016

Skerries Coast Gaurd

This morning the Skerries Coast Guard team conducted a casualty extraction training exercise at the North Beach, Rush. This scenario based exercise covered a number of casualty extraction drills, utilizing the challenging rocky terrain of the north beach & harbour breakwaters.

The exercise concluded with a
pyrotechnic drill, with several white parachute rocket flares deployed. These white rocket flares climb to over 1,000ft and are used for illumination and signalling purposes, particularly during night searches.

Skerries Coast Guard – a voluntary coastal search & rescue unit of the Irish Coast Guard.

Search exercise at Rush – 7th August 2016

This morning the Skerries Coast Guard team took part in a search and rescue training exercise at the South Beach in Rush, Co Dublin. This was a scenario based search exercise for a missing person and concluded with a casualty extraction exercise from the sand dunes. Weather conditions on scene were excellent with good visibility.

Remember – if you spot someone in difficulty dial 112 or 999 and ask for the COAST GUARD. Your call could save their life. 

Skerries Coast Guard 1

Search training exercise at Rush – 19th July 2015

This morning, the Skerries Coast Guard team conducted a large scale, multi Coast Guard Unit search exercise in the area of Rush. This scenario based exercise began shortly after 9am at the South beach, and after an initial briefing all search teams departed to their allocated search areas. Weather conditions in the area were excellent with good visibility reported.

SCG vehicle 4