Marine Notice #43 of 2012 – Live air to ground firing practices at Gormonston

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has recently issued Marine Notice #43 of 2012 advising of live air to ground firing practices at Gormonston, Co Meath.

The Aer Corps’ “Flying Training School”, will conduct live air to surface firing practices on the following dates;

14th August to 18th August 2012 Inclusive.
20th August to 25th August 2012 Inclusive.
27th August to 31st August 2012 Inclusive.
Time: 08:00 to 17:00 Hours daily

The danger area comprises the lands of Gormanston Aerodrome and the Air and Sea areas contained within a radius of 3 nautical miles centred on Gormanston Aerodrome with an additional area contained within a segment centred on Gormanston Aerodrome and bearing of 015º degrees true, through Mosney Railway Station and 106º degrees true, through Gormanston Railway Station seawards for a distance of 10 nautical miles. For the periods whilst the Range is active the sea zone within the danger area is excluded to all vessels.
Surface area to be engaged will be the beach area inside the D1 area at Gormanston. A Naval Service patrol vessel will enforce the exclusion zone. The exclusion zone ‘D1’ is indicated on British Admiralty Chart No. 44.

All vessels are advised that they are required to remain outside of the exclusion zone whilst the Range is active.All vessels in the area are recommended to carefully monitor the Radio Navigation Warnings that will be broadcast during the firing period.

A copy of the full marine notice is available from the Department’s website