Algal bloom alert – July 2013

Algal bloom at North Beach, Skerries

Skerries Coast Guard would remind the public to be alert for any outbreaks of Algal Blooms along the coast. These blooms are often referred to as Red Tide. These blooms are common after periods of very warm weather and can present as a red or orange cloudy discolouration of the water. While these Algal Blooms are generally harmless to humans, it is best that they are properly checked out and water samples taken.

If you spot any Algal Blooms along the coast, please notify the Coast Guard on 999 or 112.

Pollution report at Skerries – 19th April 2011


At 09:25 this morning, the Skerries Coast Guard team were tasked to investigate a public report of pollution on the North Beach in Skerries. The caller reported a murky orange substance at the water’s edge, stretching for several metres along the shore.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Skerries Coast Guard team investigated the substance and concluded it was an algal bloom – a naturally occurring phenomenon that frequently occurs on the North Beach. Given the recent good weather, the concentration of algae in the water may have increased, leading to the orange discolouration. This is also known colloquially as “Red Tide”. This poses no serious threat to humans, other than possible mild skin irritation in some cases.

The Skerries Coast Guard team conducted a detailed analysis of the algal bloom and this information will be passed to the Marine Institute in Galway to further their ongoing research into algal blooms in Irish waters.

Water sample collected from North Beach

Incident # 6 of 2011