Marine Notice No.2 of 2012 – Hydrographic survey off Rush, North Dublin

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has issued a marine notice (No. 2 of 2012) to advise that a hydrographic survey will be undertaken offshore at Rush beach, North Dublin and the Irish Sea. For a period of 7 days from the 16th January 2012, the survey vessel SV Bibby Tethra (call sign 2EGF8) will operate on a 24hr basis. These operations will involve towing survey equipment up to 100 metres astern of the vessel along pre-defined survey lines, which will restrict the vessel’s ability to manoeuvre. The survey area is marked with the red line in the map below:

All vessels, particularly those  engaged in fishing are requested to give the SV Bibby Tethra and her towed equipment a wide berth and to keep a sharp lookout in the relevant areas.  Further information and photos of the vessel are available here.

The full text of the marine notice is available from the Department’s website.

Skerries Coast Guard – a voluntary rescue unit of the Irish Coast Guard.

Remember – if you spot someone in difficulty, even if you only think they could be in difficulty, call 999 or 112 and ask for the COAST GUARD. Your call could save their life. 


Report of vessel in difficulty – 20th June 2011

At 02:45 this morning, the Coast Guard’s operations centre received radio traffic on VHF CH16 suggesting that a vessel was in distress off the coast of Rush village, 4 miles South of Skerries. Based on the initial information received, the Coast Guard tasked the Skerries Coast Guard team to conduct a shoreline search of the area. Other vessels in the immediate area included a Fishing boat and crews working on the East-West power interconnector rig and platform. These crews also maintained a lookout. Visibility was excellent, with strong breaking light, only very slight winds and a calm sea. Following the extensive search nothing unusual was found and the Skerries team were stood down.

Incident #13 of 2011


Rescue training – Rush north beach


This evening, the volunteers of Skerries Coast Guard undertook search and rescue training at the North Beach in Rush. This consisted of a scenario based exercise that included rescue of persons trapped on the beach, dealing with suspected shoreline pollution and coastal search techniques.


Weather conditions on scene were challenging with poor visibility and slight SW winds.