Marine Notice #3 of 2015 – deployment of data buoys, North Co Dublin


The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport has been advised that Techworks Marine Ltd will deploy four moored Marine Data Buoys to gather scientific data on marine mammals. These buoys will be deployed in the Irish Sea at Loughshinny and Portmarnock between 9th and 16th February. One buoy will be deployed off the Loughshinny coast and will remain in place for up to six months.

Each data buoy is 1.2m wide, yellow in colour and has a navigation light as follows; yellow in colour, 5 flashes every 20 seconds. The light has a 5 Nautical Mile range. All vessels are requested to give the data buoys a wide berth.

These buoys are being deployed as part of the Greater Dublin Drainage project being conducted by Irish Water. Further details on this project are available from their website

The full text of the marine notice along with the exact locations of the buoys is available from the Department’s website.


Concern for overdue kayakers – 17 July 2014

Early this afternoon, the Coast Guard’s National Maritime Operations Centre at Dublin received a call from Fingal Lifeguards stationed at Loughshinny reporting concerns for several youths who had set out on kayaks earlier that morning. The group of kayakers had set out from Loughshinny beach amid clear conditions, however a think fog had since descended with visibility reduced to less than 30 metres.

The Coast Guard tasked the Skerries Coast Guard team and Rescue 116 to carry out a search to locate the kayakers. Shortly after arriving on scene at Loughshinny, the Skerries team spotted the kayakers making their way slowly back to the beach. The Skerries team met with the group at the shoreline and thankfully all were ok.

Skerries Coast Guard would recommend before setting out on the water to check the current Sea Area Forecast (available from for any expected changes or deterioration in the prevailing weather conditions.

Remember – if you spot someone in difficulty on the coast, dial 999 or 112 and ask for the COAST GUARD. Your call could save their life.

Joint training exercise with Clogherhead Coast Guard

This evening the Skerries team were joined by the Clogherhead Coast Guard team for a training exercise. The exercise took place at the Drumanagh Headland, south of Loughshinny village and involved a missing persons scenario.

The exercise was completed successfully and enjoyably, with all teams locating their “missing persons” and providing appropriate medical treatment and extraction techniques.

The Skerries Coast Guard team will shortly be paying a return visit to Clogherhead for another joint exercise in the near future.


Rescue at Loughshinny – 14th July 2013

The Skerries Coast Guard team were paged to attend a serious incident involving an injured casualty near Loughshinny. Several units of Dublin Fire Brigade, Gardai and the Ambulance Services were also tasked to the scene to assist with the rescue. The Coast Guard’s Sikorsky helicopter was dispatched from its base at Dublin Airport.

The casualty was treated at the scene by the various services, then secured in a stretcher and winched aboard the Coast Guard’s Sikorsly helicopter for trasnfer to hospital. An Advanced Paramedic from the ambulance service was also winched aboard the helicopter to travel with the casualty.  A highline was used for the winches.

Incident # 16 of 2013

Skerries Coast Guard – a voluntary rescue unit of the Irish Coast Guard